Friday, August 28, 2009

Riki Moss bio-combos

I'm still thinking about a 13-14 foot paper tree cut down into modules to be reassembled on site. The attachments get more dicey as the branches get narrow: I'm still working on it. On the right, you can see part of the tree - I'd like to double its impact - next to the 4' tall "graces", a series of curious life forms - to borrow a phrase from Janet Van Fleet - which may or may not go to Japan.

I'm thinking about dropping animal and people masks from the ceiling (the track lighting) that fall around the branches of the tree, suggesting leaves. Or the masks could fall around the base of the tree, (fallen leaves - fallen angels). Or they could pop out from the wall.

Here are some faces of the Graces. These exact pieces may or may not actually go to Japan, but something like them will - curious combos of trees, animals, humans. The bio-morph all star body shop, germinating in the Grand Isle, Vermont, studio. The question is, how to stuff these guys in a 24" x 15' x 15' cardboard box and fly them across the universe.