Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Nagoya Tree Part One

Here are two bad outdoor studio shots - bless this weather - of the intended Nagoya Tree, cut off from the original, sliced into two foot sections and taped together in preparation of inserting connective tissue for reassembly.

It'll take about a week to put it all together again. The point is to see if a 12 foot tree with (how many?) side branches can be stable on a 24 inch tall base, the size that will fit into a box shippable by small parcel or able to take on the plane. If it is - bingo, for a 30 inch wide plywood base will also fit into the box. If not get ready for plan B.

I burned through two Dremel tools before leaping up the power tool ladder to the next step - the Roto Zip - very cool.