Sunday, September 6, 2009

River Scroll Falls to Pieces

The idea of hanging the 30 foot river scroll from the ceiling seemed like a good one except for the difficulty of transporting it and hanging it in Japan. As I most likely will be relying on some generous and good-heated people to do that for me another plan has emerged thanks to our very productive meeting yesterday.

Plan B takes the scroll and sections it so that the drawing can be transported as a small stack of folded or torn to the same-size drawings that can be re-assembled with pushpins on the wall in the Nagoya gallery.

Some of the drawings can spill onto the floor. I started tearing a large scroll into 15 x 16.5 inch pieces. Some I drew into and others had some existing drawing of the river on them. In the photograph you see some larger pieces that I wanted to keep together however, all the pieces fold into the 15 x 16.5 format (to fit into carry-on luggage) or are torn to size. I like the dynamic quality of the large and small pieces together and can see them working in a more meandering way than what is shown in the photograph.

The paper is heavy watercolor paper that curls a bit if not pinned down which adds more dimension like to the water drawing. This is the beginning first I wanted to walk the river and draw at several places but I think a more close-up drawing of various aspects of this one particular S curve in the river with its field of rocks, glacial eratics and various types of flow would be better for the wall arrangement.