Monday, September 14, 2009

Bag Lady by Sophie Hood

And so, over the past couple of weeks, I've begun the somewhat daunting process of ironing hundreds of plastic bags together to create rolls of usable material. I must say, I have definitely come to embrace the title, 'bag lady.' As I stand ironing plastic bags, as ridiculous as it may sound, I'm getting more and more excited at the prospect of creating these creatures with such an interesting material. The bags are transformed into something incredibly different and incredibly fantastic to cut, sew, and glue. You'd be surprised at the possibilities!

*One note: Some may be wondering/worrying about plastic bag ironing fumes - I have done a bit of research into the matter, and it appears that as long as I am just fusing the plastic together, rather than burning them, no harmful substances are released into the air. All is well!

Looking at the rolls of plastic bag material that I have been collecting, I couldn't help but make this comparison which surprised and delighted me:

Isn't is interesting that the inorganic, plastic bags so easily and accidentally bring to mind flowers? Just some unexpected revelations brought about by experimentation with a new material, while also provoking thoughts on biodiversity; organic vs. inorganic, our attempts to create 'nature,' etc.

Moving forward, here is a sketch/blueprints of what exactly I'm going to make with said plastic material...thus far...

I hope to construct at least five of these - all different heights, though all able to be worn by a performer. The arms hang down to the ground and really add to the movement of the creature. They are covered in plastic bag frills which really (I hope!) will create a neat sound effect as they move in a single file line together and go about their daily lives...

And so... the journey continues!